Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SF Radio: Cumulus Statement Updates KNBR Contract Talks

Cumulus Media/San Francisco VP/Market Manager Justin Wittmayer late Tuesday issued a statement regarding SAG-AFTRA negotiations with the company.

"Recently, it has come to our attention that our KNBR SAG-AFTRA employees have been holding press conferences expressing their concern that KNBR is either not agreeing to wage increases, or is offering only very small increases, in the context of its union contract negotiations.

"While KNBR normally would not comment on these negotiations, it is important that our San Francisco business partners, clients, city officials and employees understand that such statements are completely false. In fact, during the last negotiation session, which included the assistance of a federal mediator, the company offered wage increases ranging from 3% to 16.3% depending on the pay and the position held by KNBR union members, which by any means are significant."

Justin Wittmayer
The company has aoffered other concessions, including paid vacation for KNBR's part-time employees, which Wittmayer said is a benefit largely unavailable to part-time employees.

"Unfortunately, the union has responded with wildly unreasonable demands, including, without limitation: demands for immediate wage increases as high as 145%, total increases of nearly 153% and time off proposals that are completely unworkable."

"We greatly value all of our KNBR employees and are committed to reaching a fair agreement. We will continue to strive to reward the efforts of our KNBR employees, and look forward to receiving the next offer from SAG-AFTRA, for which we have been waiting since February, 2016," Wittmayer's statement concluded.

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