Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rochester Radio: Craig Schaller OUT At WHAM

Radio personality Craig Schaller worked at WHAM 1180 AM for 16 years, but he came under fire this week after he published a blog on the station's website about the LPGA.

In the post, Schaller says things like “there are too many gosh darn foreigners on the tour and more specifically, I'm talking about Koreans and Asians in general.” He goes on to comment on those Asian player's last names saying, “It's hard to remember specific golfers when half of them seem to have names that sound like the sound you get when you bang pots and pans together.”

Now Schaller is without a job, saying he was fired by WHAM Tuesday. He wrote and posted his blog Sunday, the final day of the Wegmans LPGA in Rochester. Schaller admits he may have failed in his attempts at humor, but he stands behind the general premise of his blog, that being that the growing dominance of Asian players is not good for the LPGA Tour.

 News10NBC's Brett Davidsen said, “Did you think when you wrote this blog that it was controversial?”

Craig Schaller said, “I had an inkling it might be a little controversial. I actually said in the blog, I might offend some people I'm sure, but what I said I didn't think was over the top."

Schaller's blog was on the radio station's website. Schaller has been writing the blog for about two years and has never been asked to have it checked before posting it. News10NBC spoke with the program manager at WHAM Radio and he declined to comment on the situation.

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