Monday, July 9, 2018

Most Engaged News Sites On Facebook in June 2018

It’s now six months on from Facebook’s announcement that it would be changing the algorithmic factors which provided publishers’ content with visibility in the news feed to give more weight to “meaningful interactions”. In that time, leading publishers have had mixed experiences with engagement levels in the news feed.

In the aftermath, which sites are now making the most of their content on Facebook?

In NewsWhip’s last rankings, in April, some of the gains in engagement seen by leading sites in early 2018 were reduced, while other less reputable sites saw their stories go viral. In June, the picture shows a degree of stability returning to engagement levels for many of the most recognisable names in social publishing, but the issue of viral stories with questionable reputations remains an issue. Here were the main takeaways from the data in June 2018:
  • Fox News remains on top of the “most engaged” publisher list on Facebook, with over 35 million engagements on the content of its network of sites,
  • There was a rise in engagements for many, but not all, mainstream news publishers in the top 25 between April and June,
  • CBS News enters the top 10 publishers list, with 14.5 million engagements.
These were the top ten sites in June, based on total engagements (likes, comments, shares, and reactions) on web-based content published that month. Engagements with native content such as Live videos are not included.

According to NewsWhip, Fox News comes out on top of the publisher list, just ahead of CNN. In April, Fox’s strong performance appeared to have been at the expense of other large news publishers, and the network had a sizeable lead over the competition, which had largely seen fall-offs in engagements that month.

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