Friday, April 27, 2018

Bill Cosby Faces Prison, House Arrest Or Probation

Bill Cosby will likely spend several of his final years in prison for the drugging and molesting of a woman at his home more than a decade ago.

The comedian was convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assault Thursday for a sexual encounter in 2004 with Andrea Constand, 45, then a Temple University employee.

According to USAToday, Michael Donio, a retired New Jersey superior court judge, said Cosby will get fewer than five years in prison and will not avoid incarceration. ABC News reports if the judge follows state sentencing guidelines, the comedian will be in prison until he is at least 85 years old.

The crime does not come with a minimum sentence, Donio said, but each of the three counts carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. A hefty sentence could mean the 80-year-old Cosby, once America's beloved television father, would spend his remaining years behind

 Donio said an average person with no prior criminal record would likely get five years in the case. However, extenuating circumstances affect the Cosby sentencing. Donio said Cosby's lawyers, who've promised to appeal, likely will argue a prison will be unable to take care of Cosby, who has said he is completely blind. If they can successfully argue this position, and a jail assessment agrees, Cosby could get house arrest or probation.

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