Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Successful Weekend Book Signing For Mark Levin

Westwood One talker Mark Levin's new book 'Rediscovering Americanism' has now been at the top of Amazon's best seller list for more than a week.

Over the weekend, people lined up for his book signing in Ridgewood, NJ, where Levin met with fans and signed books for five hours.

In 'Rediscovering Americanism', Levin revisits the founders’ warnings about the perils of overreach by the federal government and concludes that the men who created our country would be outraged and disappointed to see where we've ended up.

Levin returns to the impassioned question he's explored in each of his bestselling books: How do we save our exceptional country? Because our values are in such a precarious state, he argues that a restoration to the essential truths on which our country was founded has never been more urgent. Understanding these principles, in Levin’s words, can “serve as the antidote to tyrannical regimes and governments.” Rediscovering Americanism is not an exercise in nostalgia, but an appeal to his fellow citizens to reverse course.

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