Monday, March 7, 2011

Bristol Palin, Inc.: From Book Deal To DWTS

So how much does abstinence promotion, a Dancing With the Stars stint, and her forthcoming autobiography really add up to?

Duff McDonald at pieces together the Palin scion's earnings.

There's a long political tradition of kids cashing in on a parent's name: Jenna Bush, Ron and Michael Reagan, the Roosevelts. But at least their dads were presidents, not half-term governors. Based on Newsweek's estimates of her revenue potential everywhere from publishing to consulting, Bristol's fueling a surprisingly sizable industry all her own.

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  • $100,000-Arizona's Mix 96.9 FM wants to hire her. She can play her mom's rap song from Saturday Night Live.
  • $100,000-The Candie's Foundation pays her $15,000 to $30,000 for each speech she makes as an advocate for abstinence. (Estimate assumes a half dozen this year.)
  • $250,000-Hire the hot BSMP consulting firm for advice on lobbying, public relations, and politics. The star attraction of BSMP: 20-year-old Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin.
  • $2.5 million-That's not her take from Dancing With the Stars. That's the advertising boost we estimate ABC enjoyed thanks to all the Palin pals who kept voting and voting and voting for her to stay on the show.
  • $3.25 million-Mama Bear's memoir, Going Rogue, sold more than 2.6 million copies. If Bristol's autobiography moves only 5 percent of that when it comes out in June, she'll still gross a tidy sum for Morrow (which just so happens to be her mother's publisher, too).
  • Negligible-Last year she applied to trademark her name, so soon we may need to refer to her as Bristol Palin®.
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