Monday, July 13, 2020

NH Radio: WSMN Fires 'Radio Karen'

WSMN 1590 AM / 95.3 FM in Nashua New Hampshire has fired one of its talk hosts after filming herself harassing a group of Hispanic landscaping workers in a racist tirade sparked after she heard them speaking in Spanish.

The Daily Mail reports Dianna Ploss had been on her way into the studio in downtown Nashua on July 10 when she happened upon a group of laborers working along the roadside.

Diana Ploss
Ploss apparently became incensed when she heard a Caucasian worker from a landscapping company speaking Spanish to his Hispanic colleagues.

‘Are you speaking English?’ Ploss is heard yelling at the workers in the video. ‘It is America. English. English. English,’ she repeats several times.

In a bizarre attempt to justify her demands, Ploss tells the workers ‘you work for the state, you should be speaking English.’ When the workers reply they in fact work for a private company and not the state, Ploss remains undeterred.

‘Is anyone here illegal?’ Ploss she then asks. ‘It is America. Speak English,’ she says again as she walks past the workers.

Ploss, an avid Trump supporter, then launches into a perplexing and paranoid monologue about Communism.

Amid the commotion caused by Ploss’ soliloquy, an African American man is seen approaching her from the other side of the road, asking her ‘Why are you harassing these people?’

‘Are they in America?’ Ploss asks the bystander, to whom replies yes. ‘Then they should be speaking English,’ she retorts.

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