Saturday, January 13, 2018

Nashville Radio: WGFX Expands Local Sports Coverage

Cumulus Media has announced that Nashville’s WGFX 104.5 The Zone will expand its local sports coverage with an enhanced programming lineup that is all local, all day long, and kicks off Monday, January 15, 2018.

104.5 The Zone made the announcement Friday during a live broadcast from Providence, RI, during the AFC Divisional Round 2 Playoffs featuring the Tennessee Titans vs. the New England Patriots. 104.5 The Zone is the official radio home of the Tennessee Titans.

104.5 The Zone also announced that it has re-signed on-air personalities Chad Withrow, Jonathon Hutton and Paul Kuharsky, hosts of the Midday 180 show, to multi-year contracts. Concurrent with the announcement, the Midday 180 show will be expanded to a four-hour broadcast, airing weekdays from 10am-2pm, following The Wake Up Zone morning show.

In addition, the popular 3HL show with Brent Dougherty, Mickey Ryan and Dawn Davenport will also be adding an hour to its broadcast, airing weekdays from 2pm – 6pm. The Wake Up Zone with Mark Howard, Kevin Ingram and Blaine Bishop continues daily from 6am-10am.

Brad Willis, Program Director, 104.5 The Zone, said: “104.5 The Zone has long been Nashville’s pre-eminent sports station, and in an effort to devote more time to Nashville’s continually evolving sports landscape, we feel like it’s time that we are all local, all day long. I look forward to having our team cover the teams and sports that are important to Nashville, non-stop from 6am till 6pm every weekday.”

WGFX 104.5 FM (58 Kw) Red=Local Coverage Area
Midday 180 hosts Chad Withrow, Jonathan Hutton and Paul Kuharsky noted:  “There have been plenty of days when we’ve signed off at 3 p.m. saying, 'We had more.' We’re grateful that Cumulus and 104.5 The Zone are now giving us time to get to all of it. We look forward to loading up with even more great interviews with important people, giving you more commentary on the local teams and the issues of the day and spending additional time making each other — and hopefully our audience — laugh. Our commitment to you remains the same: In and out of season, we will crush on a daily basis.”

3HL hosts Brent Dougherty, Mickey Ryan and Dawn Davenport added: “Nashville sports fans are the best in the country and we are excited about the opportunity to spend more time with them. During that time we plan to continue to focus heavily on the sports and story lines that are most important to our listeners.”

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