Friday, May 3, 2013

Denver Radio: Uncle Nasty, Keefer Bounce Back

Uncle Nasty
Two very popular Denver radio personalities have bounced back from well-publicized blowouts from their long-term employer, Clear Channel Communications, and have migrated to new mics.

Both Uncle Nasty (whose signature gravel voice long rocked the Rockies on KBPI, 106.7-FM) and Keefer (a fixture behind the scenes and on the air at "World Class Rock," KBCO, 97.3-FM) endured the latest Clear Channel purge and now have new gigs.

"There is life after Clear Channel," Nasty tells Joanne Ostrow at The Denver Post.

Nasty (legally known as Gregg Stone) is doing voice-over work for Jack (KJAC, 107.1-FM) and hopes to launch a new show elsewhere this summer — not music-related, and not as raunchy as his old style; it will be geared to the PG-13 audience.

Keefer (known to the government as David Fulgham) is serving as promotions coordinator and host for Colorado Public Radio's new alternative music station Open Air (KVOQ, 1340-AM, in stereo online). He's on-air less than he used to be but is learning new skills.

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