Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Entercom Donates $25,000 To The One Fund

Although not a direct result of the bad PR being generated by the Rob, Arnie & Dawn morning show for Entercom station KRXQ in Sacramento, today the company announced a $25,000 donation to The One Fund in Boston.

Money raised by the fund is designed to help victims and families of the last week’s Boston Marathon bombings.

Jeff Brown, VP & Market Manager For entercom Boston announced the donation:
“On behalf of over 2,000 Entercom employees across the country and our incredible Entercom team here in Boston, we are honored to donate $25,000 to The One Fund to help assist the victims and the families of the Boston Marathon tragedy.”  
In Boston, Entercom operates rock WAAF 107.3 FM , news/talk WRKO 680 AM and sports talk outlets WEEI 93.7 FM and WEEI 850 AM.

To get the latest on the R-A-D Show in Sacramento, Click Here.

Tom’s Take: Nothing takes care of a problem better than money.

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