Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Philly Radio: Valerie Knight OUT At WOGL 98.1 FM

Valerie Knight
Valerie Knight of WOGL 98.1 FM’s "The Breakfast Club" is no longer with the station, the morning show co-host announced via social media this week.

Knight, who began working at the station in 2002, confirmed her departure on social media on Monday.  In a Facebook posting Monday, the former WOGL personality also thanked fans “for being such great listeners and friends for all these years,” and noted that “now the possibilities for me are endless.”

According to philly.com, Knight’s is the latest departure at WOGL, which last year also saw former "Breakfast Club" host Ross Brittain’s departure, and the axing of former longtime nighttime radio jock Bob Charger. Former general manager Jim Loftus also departed in July last year after accepting a buyout package.

Knight's departure of one of several personnel cuts CBS Radio has made this month. Amonh the others:

New York:  Production Director WCBS-FM Chris Angles

Los Angeles: Gone from News KNX are news anchor Linda Nunez, sports anchor Steve Grad, and reporter Ed Mertz

Houston:  KHMX Mid-day host, APD/MD Chris Jackson



  2. Hate this part of the BZ. Land on all fours and carry on. Best Wishes from Colorado!

  3. Oldies 98.1 isn't like it use to be. I don't like some of the music they play now. I miss some of the people that they got rid of. I have Sirius radio in my car...I may have to get it in my home to listen to the music I like.

  4. Valerie I'm so sadden by your departure from WOGL. For many years I have enjoyed listening to you and enjoyed hearing your voice. Sadly your replacement will never be you with your wit and jokes. Sorry but I have to say that she is too dry and stiff and there is no excitement in her voice. You had all these qualities and many more. Please let us know where you go and what you will do. Hopefully you will stay in the Philadelphia area. Will miss you as I miss hearing Don and Ross. WOGL isn't the same any more. Sadly CBS is really making a big mistake and the CEO's are clueless. They need to realize and accept what the public wants not what they want!

  5. I no longer listen to the station because of all the wonderful people that were let go...... BIG MISTAKE