Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Talker Rusty Humphries Detained, Released In Egypt

Atlanta's 640 WGST show host Rusty Humphries, and news anchor Jennifer Perry, were reportedly detained Tuesday as they tried to cross the Israeli border at the city of Eilat into Egypt, according to a posting on WGST's website.

According to Jake Cook, producer of the Rusty Humphries Show on 640 WGST, it is not clear why the crew was detained.  Humphries sought to interview residents of an Egyptian city along the Israeli border, but it is not clear if he had permission from the Israeli government to cross the border.

Cook says Humphries and Perry were expected to fly from Eilat to Jerusalem Wednesday ahead of a live broadcast to be aired on 640 WGST Wednesday afternoon.  Humphries posted a message on his Twitter account and Facebook page Wednesday morning indicating he is now in Jerusalem.  He wrote he would be on the air Wednesday

Cook says he has not been able to make contact with Humphries or Perry, and news of their detainment came from officials at Talk Radio Network, which syndicates Humphries' show across the country.

TomzTake: Rusty is a well-traveled broadcaster, so his tale should be interesting Wednesday on WGST.

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